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Character Introduction

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Name: Mitsumura Hisui
Gender: male
Age: 18
Height: 5'9"
Eyes: Chocolate brown, like swirling hot cocoa. This isn't seen most of the time, though, as he tends to wear crimson hued contacts.
Hair: Originally dark black/brown, it's been bleached and dyed a light green. The left side is waist-length and thick, whilst the right ends at his jawline, and is usually spiked out in various directions.
Clothing: A purple button-down blouse with tattered sleeves that are held together by strips of cloth and safety pins. A small patch that reads 'Gothic Lolita not dead' is fastened over the right breast pocket. It is matched with a pair of black leather shorts, black and white-striped tights, as well as large purple platforms and a spiked collar.
Other comments: He wears make-up(white foundation, with heavy eyeliner and lipstick), and he has a few piercings in his lower lip(two spikes on the right side, and a ring at the left corner).

Personality: Shy, but talkative once you get to know him. Wary of handing out his trust. He's been bipolar/manic depressive since Kengo's death.

Back Story: Mitsumura's past is a bit murky. He was raised in a family with strict parents. Once they seen him starting to indulge in the glam rock life style, they immediately disapproved and shipped him off for schooling in America...Thinking it'd help him to get away from all the 'bad' influences of the visual kei and gothic lolita Japanese subcultures. It didn't phase him at all, though, and he continued to wear suggestive gender-bending clothing, make-up, and got multiple piercings in his lip. Needless to say his parents weren't very pleased, but he is still their son, and they're paying for his schooling, hoping a serious career will change his ways. The summer between junior and senior year, he had a love affair with a younger boy, by the name of Kengo. He cared for him deeply, and brought him everywhere with him. One night when he had dragged his partner out with him clubbing, via a fake ID he had obtained for the younger male, they were walking back to his house when they were jumped by a group of men. Mitsumura did his best to protect Kengo, but it wasn't enough, and when he woke up, it was in a hospital. When he was alert and coherent enough, he asked a nurse where his lover was, and discovered that Kengo was in a coma he would most likely never wake up from. Eventually Kengo's body gave up the fight for life...Mitsumura blames himself for his love's death, and has suffered a lot mentally from it. He occassionally goes through fits of manic depression, and has scars on his arm for each month that has passed since Kengo's death.
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