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Hannah Mavis


Name: Hannah Mavis (Lanchester)
Age: 17
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 105
Hair colour: Ash Blonde
Eye colour: Piercing Blue

Clothing: Hannah's attire is quite plain, consisting of a crimson red peasant-like dress, a brilliant blue ribbon, and black maryjanes. Her dress reaches two inches above the knee, leaving her white-gray stockings to the elements. She's not one for fashion, and having been living on her own for most of her life, her choice in clothing is slightly mislead. She hopes to remedy this.

Hannah is quite shy at times, and at others, she's so outgoing that it's painfully obvious how lonely she is. Quirky and a bit rough around the edges, Hannah is a lot rougher than her outward personality portrays. Since she's had to fight for survival most of her life, she's a bit fractured and eccentric. Her moods range a lot, but one thing is certain: if she gives you 'the look', you might as well just dig your own grave and place yourself down in it. Hannah may have a personality disorder, due to the immense bundle of contrasts and opposites living in her mind, but then again, she may just be an exceptionally lonely girl who has never had enough love in her life.

Backstory: Both of Hannah's parents used to be prominent members within Silent Hill. They were part of an offshoot religious group, varying only in a few slight degrees from the original. It was a sin to have a child out of wedlock, and this sin was punishable by death. Audrey Lorne and Jonathan Mavis were able to keep their child a secret until she was five years old, but when she turned five, her curiousity peaked. She wandered out of the confines of her parents quarters and found herself amidst a flood of screaming men and women, cloakedin red. They had to escape. They were only able to make it to the outskirts of that tainted town, until they had to give up. Audrey and Jonathan left their child to the side of the road, and returned with the rest of the Believers to face their crime. Unknown to the 'red ones', little Hannah lay shivering in the sharp winter air. She was only five, but she knew she had to make it to a nearby town. One she made it there, she spent the next few years pan handling, doing odd jobs, fighting for food and shelter, and finally was able to secure an abandoned church to live in.

Years passed until the local government stepped in. Hannah had been teaching herself all she could with the little money she had, and the rest of it went to self preservation. She was placed in foster care for a couple of months, and finally was adopted by Misses Sarah Lanchester, a kindly chef who loved baking cookies.

Because of her younger years, Hannah has a wild, brash, and carnal side that is kept under lock and key by her calm, thoughtful, and loving side. The bad part of her normally arises whenever it likes to, but Hannah hopes that with this school year already under way, that she'll be able to control it.

Hannah and Sarah are still getting to know one another, so their relationship is a little strained at times. Hannah has taken to making cookies with her 'mother', so things are looking up for them.
Of course Hannah's very first school field trip had to be a water park. Having been through her share of rain soaked nights and pneumonia-laced months, she decided it best to just tour the usual dry attractions. Yes, that was what she would do. A quick nap before the park wouldn't hurt either, so she closed her eyes and nuzzled up to the window.
Amidst all the others on the bus, her blood red dress and bright blue ribbon stood out. She hoped her newness would fade away eventually, and maybe she would be able to make some friends. You don't need anyone, they're all weak, and can't handle the trials and tribulations of the waking life. Her darker side pecked haughtilly within the confines of her skull. Let me sleep, please. She finally coaxed her demons to rest, head plastered against the window of the bus, hay colored hair strewn about her face.


Name: Kira
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