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Name: Medina Almundena
Age: 19
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 129 lbs
Hair colour: black
Eye colour: green
Clothing: Medina wears a white knit halter top and a flowing skirt of various pinks, with a brown leather belt to hold it to her hips.

Personality: She is a very friendly girl and is eager to help those in need. She is a good listener, yet she is very quiet when she speaks, so you must be next to her. She tends to be somewhat shy about others, particularily women.
Backstory: Medina was born on an island near Puerto Rico, in an old town where traditions where still upheld. Young women could not go outside the home alone, unless it was to the river to bathe. Before she was born, her father had died in a ship wreck, never to return home...The mother had a right to a closeted life, as she was a widow. She gave birth to Medina, and kept her in the home for many years..she wasn't allowed to the river until she was 17. One day she ran away with the town's mayor, never to return...

Name: Chris/Sid
AIM: pockystixyum
Char journal:  crowsxcoming
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Accepted. ;3